About Us


Who We Are

Trisha electronics is a design house and technology firm specializing in delivery of high-end embedded solutions. We serve domestic and international customers in diverse domains.

Trisha electronics provides end-to-end design and support services for communications, wireless, networking, industrial and automotive. We have started a new extension where we manufacture LED base luminaries which actually help save 8o % on power. We also provide Product Re-engineering services to enhance existing products/systems or help reduce their cost/size.

Our core expertise is in the areas of Hardware designs (Systems/Boards/PCBs), VLSI/FPGA, Embedded, Real time Software based development. This technology expertise, combined with domain knowledge in various areas, enables us to deliver complete set of product development services.

We work tightly with our customers, preferably from concept/definition stage to manufacturing support for efficient, cost effective and timely execution of projects.

Multiscan is committed to provide:

  • 1.Quality Products with highest performance standards.

  • 2.Commitment to continue improvements in the products.

  • 3.Multiscan stands committed in partnering with our dealers and suppliers in a mutually rewarding association.

  • 4.Abiding all environmental legislation and related regulations.

  • 5.Conservation of natural resources and endeavoring energy conservation measures.

  • 6.To reduce level of risk by improving working condition and creating awareness amongst employees and business associates.


Multiscan is committed long term to the mission of helping our customers realize their full potential. Just as we constantly update and improve our products, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge and to better serve our customers.

To become a highly respectful, knowledge based innovative global enterprise in LED Lighting manufacturing segment.

We stand for "Leadership Position of Excellence" for our quality products and aim to be a Global player in improving the quality of Human life.

Our Mission at MULTISCAN:

To find fulfillment at every step, by continually improving the quality of human life.

To be a successful Global Company, by enabling People and Businesses to realize their full potential.

Multiscan stands committed in partnering with our dealers and suppliers in a mutually rewarding association.

We stand by our statement and will achieve our mission by:

  • 1.Focusing on "Quality Deliverance" as the core competency of our business process.

  • 2.Being a "Customer Centric Organization", with continuous value addition.

  • 3.Embracing " Continual Improvement " as a practice, in all our Business operations.

  • 4.Nurturing "Breakthrough ideas" with our 'Industry wisdom' and delivering the best possible solution through our 'Knowledge Management.

  • 5.Holding the true sense of self-respect in whatever we do, both in terms of an individual Associate and Organization as a whole.


Above all, we measure our success in terms of the positive contributions we have made in the lives of people.

We Believe in "Bringing tomorrow's Technology today".